Budget-Plan-Express - гармония планирования

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Online Help on using the program for financial planning and analysis Budget-Plan Express for Windows

✎ «The Help contains three conditional components for working with the Program - a description of the interfaces (technical features), a methodical part and examples. The reference material presents more than 50 practical examples, the results of which are calculated or obtained using Budget-Plan Express. The Help describes in detail the methods and algorithms of calculations, provides formulas supported by examples and tables. This material is one of the largest knowledge bases for developing business plans, and can also be used as a teaching aid on the practice of planning, analysis and other competencies in the field of business planning.

We hope that this reference material will help you in mastering new knowledge and will be useful in improving the practice of planning.
We wish you success!»

Team "Strategic-Line".

☛ The latest version of the program is 6.02. Older versions are not supported. All users can upgrade to the new version.

Practical course of video lessons (12 lessons on business planning practice) will help you to master the tools of the program for several hours and begin practical planning.

Help contents

Introduction to the Program

1. About the program

  1. License
  2. Announcements of opportunities in Budget-Plan Express
  3. Instructions for installing the program
  4. Error codes during initialization and license checking
  5. Recommendations on the practical planning

2. Main menu

  1. The ribbon interface (Ribbon)
  2. File
  3. Data
  4. Gantt chart
  5. Settings
  6. Reports
  7. Help

3. Standard interfaces

  1. Context menu
  2. Navigation
  3. Assign hot keys
  4. Save and backup data
  5. Formats of tables of budget plans
  6. Built-in table

4. General settings

  1. Calling the form «Settings»
  2. General data
  3. Taxes
  4. Directive period
  5. Depreciation
  6. Trends. Formats of numbers
  7. Financial analysis
  8. Investment analysis
  9. License registration

5. Preparation for planning

  1. Translit
  2. Directories
  3. Import data
  4. Setting the "time" scale

6. Content and structure of plans

  1. General algorithm for calculating a business plan. Data calculation
  2. IFRS
  3. Topography of plans in Budget Plan Express

Operational planning

7. Sales plan

  1. Concept of planning
  2. Discrete and cyclical sales model
  3. Create table «Sales plan»
  4. Form elements and planning tools
  5. Practical planning
  6. Adjustments to price series using moving averages
  7. Models of moving averages in Budget-Plan Express

8. Plan cash receipts

  1. Modeling of cash flows
  2. Receivables

9. Procurement plan and regulatory costs

  1. Concept of planning
  2. Create table «Procurement Plan»
  3. Form elements and planning tools
  4. Practical planning
  5. Adjustments to price series using moving averages

10. Production plan

  1. Exporting and importing Gantt charts - Exchange with MS Project
  2. Planning a Gantt chart
  3. Planning costs by stages of production. Calculation of the plan
  4. Allocation of costs to stocks, capitalization of costs. The method of allocating costs to processes or products

11. Plan fixed costs

  1. Create table «Plan fixed costs»
  2. Practical planning

12. Plan of total, non-operating and other costs

  1. Calculation of the table of total, non-operating and other costs
  2. Modeling of cash flows

Financial and investment planning

13. Financial reports

  1. Cost accounting method in calculating the cost price
  2. Product report. Margin analysis and break-even analysis
  3. Profit and Loss statement
  4. Cash flow statement
  5. Balance sheet

14. Financial planning

  1. Structure plans in the Finance plan
  2. Credit products. Planning tools
  3. Credit products. Practical planning
  4. Credit products. Methods and algorithms of calculation
  5. Operating and financial leases. Practical planning
  6. Reserves for future expenses. Planning Tools
  7. Reserves for future expenses. Practical planning
  8. Placed equity instruments. Planning Tools
  9. Placed equity instruments. Practical planning

15. Investment planning

  1. Structure plans as part of investment plan
  2. Planning and accounting of fixed assets and other assets. Planning Tools
  3. Planning and accounting of fixed assets and other assets. Practical planning
  4. Planning and accounting of fixed assets and other assets. Accounting Methodology
  5. Planning and accounting of investment assets. Planning Tools
  6. Planning and accounting of investment assets. Practical planning

Analysis and preparation of reports

16. Trends

  1. Forecasting trends. Practical planning

17. Financial analysis

  1. Coefficient analysis
  2. Liquidity indicators (Liquidity Ratios)
  3. Debt Management Indicators (Debt ratios)
  4. Profitability indicators (Profitability ratios)
  5. Efficiency indicators (Asset management ratios)
  6. Indicators of market activity (Market value ratios)
  7. DuPont factor model

18. Investment analysis

  1. Discounting (Present Value, PV)
  2. Determining the level of the discount rate
  3. Model weighted average cost of capital – WACC
  4. Methods of calculation of indicators of investment effectiveness in simple examples
  5. Types of cash flows
  6. Features of the calculation of cash flows in Budget-Plan Express
  7. Settings of calculation parameters
  8. The present value of cash flow postnumbero and prenumerando
  9. Cash Flow Forecast

19. Indicators of efficiency of investments

  1. Calculation of key performance indicators in the Budget Plan Express
  2. Payback period – PB
  3. Discounted payback period – DPB
  4. Net discounted (present) value – NPV
  5. Profitability index – PI;
  6. Internal rate of return – IRR
  7. Average rate of return – ARR
  8. Modified IRR – MIRR (Modified Internal Rate of Return)
  9. Economic profit measure EVA (Economic Value Added) and other complex indicators

20. Preparation of reports and business plans

  1. Graphics
  2. Reports in Excel
  3. Reports in Word