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General settings

Calling the form "Settings"
General data
Directive period
Trends. Formats of numbers
Financial analysis
Investment analysis
License registration

General settings. Calling the form «Settings»

Calling the form «Settings»

Before planning a new project, as a rule, you need to set those settings that will match the new conditions. Some settings may require changes in the work process, depending on the requirements for a particular project (settings of the calculation of investment indicators, etc.).

To enter the settings module, select the menu item "Settings → General settings":

General settings - taxes, amortization, financial and investment analysis. Financial planning and analysis, Budget Plan Express for Windows 

Module "Settings" consists of the following tabs:
  1. General data
  2. Taxes
  3. Directive period
  4. Depreciation
  5. Trends
  6. Formats of numbers
  7. Financial analysis
  8. Investment analysis
  9. Registration

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