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Plan payments to creditors

Calculation of the table of creditors
Modeling of cash flows

Plan payments to creditors. Calculation of the table of creditors

Calculation of the table of creditors

After the completion of the planning of the operational plans, execute the calculation of plans containing information on the payments and liabilities of the company, which are represented by two plans: "Payment plan for creditors" and "Payment plan for accounts payable".

"Plan payments to creditors" is calculated and not edited

In the "payments to creditors" plan there is no editing form, and in order to fill it with data, you need to perform its calculation from the main menu: "Main menu → Data → Calculate → Plan payments to creditors". Same F9. Please note that "Plan payments to creditors" and "Profit and Loss statement" at the same time are calculated (also see "Planirovanie. Data calculation").

The structure of the table "Plan payments to creditors"

In the table "creditors" presented information about upcoming payments, including VAT and other taxes and liabilities, structured by groups of payments, and in addition, some lines meant to be adjustments, it is editable (Plan-actual deviation).

The structure of the table "Plan payments to creditors":

Name Source and calculated data
01 VAT accrued Total VAT charged + VAT accrued (Fixed assets and other assets) + VAT accrued (investment activity)
02 VAT accepted VAT as a part of standard costs + VAT as a part of resource costs (costs for realization of production stages) + VAT in fixed costs + VAT incurred (Fixed assets and other assets) + VAT accepted (investment activity)
03 Plan-fact deviation Editable Data Entry
04 Total VAT payment = [01] - [02] + [03]
05 Reimbursed VAT, credits Editable Data Entry
06 Profit tax Current tax + Deferred tax
07 Property tax Property tax (Fixed assets and other assets)
08 Other taxes and levies Sales tax + Single tax 1 (turnover) + Single tax 2 (income - expenses)
09 Plan-fact deviation Editable Data Entry
10 Total tax payments = [06] + [07] + [08] + [09]
11 Wages-in direct costs Regulatory costs (VAT included)
12 Wages - in the cost of resources (production stages) Cost of resources (VAT included)
13 Wages - Included in Total Costs Fixed costs (VAT included) + Wages (Fixed assets and other assets)
14 Payments to pension and other funds Payments as part of standard costs + Payments as part of resource costs (production stages) + Payments in fixed costs
15 Plan-fact deviation Editable Data Entry
16 Total wage payments = [11] + [12] + [13] + [14] + [15]
17 Material costs - as part of direct costs Regulatory costs (calculation of needs , with VAT)
18 Material costs - as part of resources (production stages) Cost of resources (VAT included)
19 Other material costs material costs (fixed assets and other assets)
20 Plan-fact deviation Editable Data Entry
21 Total material payments = [17] + [18] + [19] + [20]
22 Business Costs Fixed costs (with VAT)
23 Administrative Expenses Fixed costs (with VAT)
24 Other operating expenses Standard costs (including VAT) + Cost of resources or production stages (including VAT) + Constant costs (including VAT) + Operating expenses (Fixed assets and other assets) + Operating expenses (Investment activity)
25 Other non-operating expenses (income) From the sale of shares (attributed to other expenses) + Adjustment table (non-operating expenses and revenues) + foreign currency translation gains (losses) + foreign exchange gains (losses) (operating and financial leases) + Other expenses and income from investment activities (planning and accounting of investment assets) + Other non-operating expenses and revenues (Fixed assets and other assets)
26 Debt service costs Interest payments (credits) + Other payments (credits) + PAD (credits) + Interest payments (financial and operational leases) + Other payments (financial and operating leases) + PAD (financial and operating leases)
27 Plan-fact deviation Editable Data Entry
28 Total Other Payments = [22] + [23] + [24] + [25] + [26] + [27]
29 Total repayments to creditors = [04] + [05] + [10] + [16] + [21] + [28]

Applied and recommended procedures and functions

  1. If you deleted some data by mistake or performed the action, causing damage to data, exit the program without saving: "Main menu → Project file → quit without saving".

  2. If you exit the program, save the changes: "Main menu → Project file → Save" (or Ctrl+S). Or use the program exit with saving.

  3. Periodically back up the data: "Main menu → Project file → Save and backup" or Ctrl+Shift+S. File project saved in the folder "backup", the project name will display date and time of saving. To restore the file, just copy it in system folder («BPlanExpress»).

  4. If you have several projects (or calculation options), create a template file and, starting a new project, open the template file where your settings or preliminary project calculations are saved, select the menu item: "Main menu → Project file → To create a new project". This will shorten the development time of projects.
  5. ☛ Note that a new project is created in the system folder ("BPlanExpress"), which opens by default.

  6. Complete the final calculation: "Main menu → Data → Calculate". Same - F9.

  7. Clear table (reset values): "Main menu → Data → Clear table".

  8. Delete the table (delete all data and settings of the table settings): "Main menu → Data → Delete table".

  9. Clear the string (reset value): "Context menu (right mouse button) → Clear line."

  10. Translit: "Main menu → Settings → Translit text tables". Select the translation language.

  11. Export: "Main menu → Reports → Export to Excel". In the same place - export to Word.

  12. Financial and investment analysis. Settings parameters of project performance indicators:"Main menu → Settings → Investment analysis".

  13. Quick graph: "Context menu (right mouse button) → Graph of a line." Before the call, place the cursor anywhere in the row with the desired data. See also «Preparation of reports and business plans. Graphics».

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