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Financial planning

Structure plans in the Finance plan
Credit products. Planning tools
Credit products. Practical planning
Credit products. Methods and algorithms of calculation
Operating and financial leases. Practical planning
Reserves for future expenses. Planning Tools
Reserves for future expenses. Practical planning
Placed equity instruments. Planning Tools
Placed equity instruments. Practical planning

Structure plans in the Finance plan

Information on the structure of plans as part of the financial plan

After the completion of editing of operational plans and preliminary calculations of the business plan, as a rule, in the table "Cash flow statement" there is a shortage of funds in the final line. Perhaps, the deficit can be eliminated, if you add updated data on loans and investments, you may need additional sources of funding. In some cases, it is not advisable to consider additional sources of financing, and in such cases it is said that the project is not profitable, with negative profitability.

All these and other tasks are solved within the "financial plan", which reflects the financial activities of the company. In the process of developing financial plans, various tasks are being solved to model the optimal ratio in the capital structure of borrowed and own funds, the task of covering the cash deficit, especially in the initial stages of planning, and others. This approach to building a financial model of the project is called "simulation" or "situational" modeling.

Structure and content of plans

The structure and content of the plans, as part of the financial plan, reflects the financial activities of the company, that is, generates the same financial flow in the Cash Flow Statement. The financial plan, along with the investment plan, belongs to the group of "special" plans and includes several subordinate plans reflecting the company's financial activities and reserves. The functions for calculating or deleting plans are called from the appropriate editing forms.

After the completion of editing of all plans, within the "financial plan", the final calculation (simultaneously with the calculation of the balance) is performed. You can perform the calculation from the main menu item: "Main menu → Data → Calculate". Same F9.

Balance recommended to be considered along with other financial reports. Budget-Plan Express - program analysis and preparation of business plans

The structure of the "financial plan" includes the following plans:

  1. Loan products . Planning loans and loan servicing costs.

  2. Operating and financial leases . Planning of operating and financial leases.

  3. Reserves for future expenses . Planning for reserves of future expenses.

  4. Placed instruments . Planning of equity instruments. Planning of capital structure and capital operations. Dividend Planning.

  5. To access the editing form ("loan products", "rentals", "reserves" or "equity instruments"), click (one click) left mouse button on the active link of the corresponding plan, the same - F2 .

Edit menu.
    All forms contain a standard editing menu, which includes three items:
    1. add F2;
    2. remove F3;
    3. save F5.

    If the list has no elements, then the edit form is inactive. To activate a form, to add new product (list item) from the edit menu, or click the "F2":

    Financial planning – business planning Budget-Plan Express
    In the list you can add up to 20 products (list items) in the current version of the program. To edit the name of the element list box located below the list. Changes you need to save ("F5").

Elimination of cash deficits, elimination of "cash gaps"

At the final stages of the planning, in the final line of the "Cash flow" report, negative values may appear, meaning a cash deficit or a cash deficit, that is, a shortage of funds needed to finance the next incoming expenses . Unlike the production "cash gap", a temporary financial "cash gap" can be predicted.

The sequence of planning and the sequence of execution of the calculation of plans.

The recommended sequence of planning and calculations:

  1. Planning and calculation of operational plans
  2. Trial calculation of financial statements (without balance);
  3. Planning and calculation of financial plans. Elimination of cash gaps;
  4. Trial calculation of financial statements (without balance);
  5. Planning and calculation of financial plans. Optimization of the capital structure;
  6. Adjustment of operating and financial plans;
  7. Trial final project calculation.

Example. Planning additional funding to close a cash gaps.

Suppose, after preliminary calculation of operating plans and financial reports, in the line "balance at the end of the period" in some periods negative values appeared, as shown in the figure. This means that there was a "cash gap" (temporary shortage of funds), which must be eliminated:

to Eliminate the cash gap - a temporary lack of funds – business-planning Budget-Plan Express

Call graph of a line "balance on the end of the period" (right mouse button):

On the chart reflects the actual shortfall of cash. Schedule line balance at end of period – planning and analysis in Budget-Plan Express for Windows

The shortage of funds on the chart shown below the red line.

Note that the graph has gone to the negative zone for a limited period. If the schedule had been in the negative zone in the last periods, it would have nothing to do with the "cash gap", but would relate to the budget deficit of the project. In this case, the project would be unprofitable (non-viable).

As can be seen on the graph, the maximum deficit of cash is 6 months, and is 3,024 thousand (3 million 24 thousand). Consider (as an option) the attraction of credit resources in the financial plan:

  1. step . Go to the "Financial Plan" page and open the form for editing credit products (click on the link "Credit products").
  2. step . In the editing form, add a new product ( F2 ).
  3. step . Let's set the product type from the list - "Loan product → Product type → " Standard "".

  4. step . Select the calculated percentage - "Settings" tab → Calculated percentage → "Complex" ".
  5. step . Let's set the amount - "Loan product" sum = 3 200 000 ".
  6. step . Set the rate - "Loan product> Sum = 10% "
  7. step . We will fix the loan term of 2 year - "Loan product" Duration = 24 "
  8. step . Let's set the corresponding start period - "Loan product →" Set a date or month "

  9. step . We will establish the frequency of payments - "Basic payments", "Payment frequency", "" month ""

  10. step . We'll clean up the old calculations. "Clear button → Final calculation → " OK ""
  11. step . We calculate. "Calculate button → Selected item in the list → " OK ""

  12. step . We'll clean up the old calculations. "Clear button → Final calculation → " OK ""
  13. step . We calculate. "Calculate button → Selected item in the list → " OK ""

  14. Calculation result : paid debt = 3,200,000, paid interest = 386,666, total payout = 3,586,666.

  15. step . We will perform the final calculation of the operational plans and the calculation of the "cash flow statement" - "Main menu", "Data" → "Calculate" ("Plus" button), " OK ". " Same thing - F9 .

  16. Calculation table Cash-flow – software Budget-Plan Express for Windows

    The result of the calculation is displayed on the graph - the line "balance at the end of the period":

    The result of the calculation is displayed on the graph

Removal of plans included in the "financial plan"

All plans included in the "financial plan" are removed from the relevant edit forms. For example, to remove all credit products, and associated calculations, in the edit form of the "loan products", you need to remove all products (list items), then click the clear button. Similarly, deleted other plans: "Operating and financial leases", "Reserves for future expenses" and "Placed equity instruments".

Performing the deletion from the main menu using the "clear table" command, will delete all plans included in the "financial plan".

Performing the deletion from the main menu using the "delete table" command will delete all plans included in the "financial plan". Also, after the deletion, the initial settings (by default) will be set.

Applied and recommended procedures and functions

  1. If you deleted some data by mistake or performed the action, causing damage to data, exit the program without saving: "Main menu → Project file → quit without saving".

  2. If you exit the program, save the changes: "Main menu → Project file → Save" (or Ctrl+S). Or use the program exit with saving.

  3. Periodically back up the data: "Main menu → Project file → Save and backup" or Ctrl+Shift+S. File project saved in the folder "backup", the project name will display date and time of saving. To restore the file, just copy it in system folder («BPlanExpress»).

  4. If you have several projects (or calculation options), create a template file and, starting a new project, open the template file where your settings or preliminary project calculations are saved, select the menu item: "Main menu → Project file → To create a new project". This will shorten the development time of projects.
  5. ☛ Note that a new project is created in the system folder ("BPlanExpress"), which opens by default.

  6. Complete the final calculation: "Main menu → Data → Calculate". Same - F9.

  7. Clear table (reset values): "Main menu → Data → Clear table".

  8. Delete the table (delete all data and settings of the table settings): "Main menu → Data → Delete table".

  9. Clear the string (reset value): "Context menu (right mouse button) → Clear line."

  10. Translit: "Main menu → Settings → Translit text tables". Select the translation language.

  11. Export: "Main menu → Reports → Export to Excel". In the same place - export to Word.

  12. Financial and investment analysis. Settings parameters of project performance indicators:"Main menu → Settings → Investment analysis".

  13. Quick graph: "Context menu (right mouse button) → Graph of a line." Before the call, place the cursor anywhere in the row with the desired data. See also «Preparation of reports and business plans. Graphics».

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