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Materials and publications

   Practical planning is impossible without the accompanying knowledge and competences in the field of performance management, financial and investment analysis. In the section "Materials and publications" special articles on management subjects and planning practices have been selected, as well as links to articles and materials on IFRS that can be useful in implementing practical planning, developing business plans for projects or for training purposes.

✎ In this section, all links to materials that are presented in Russian. Materials translated into English can be found here.

Investment analysis

The value of discounting and determining the level of rates in investment projects
Indicators of the effectiveness of the investment project (investments)
Some features of calculating performance indicators and inclusion in the calculation of initial investment
How to calculate the weighted average cost of capital - WACC
The indicator of economic profit EVA (Economic Value Added) and other complex indicators

Planning and Finance

How to plan sales correctly. Sales planning method according to annual forecasts (Oleg Mostovoy)
Is not it time to change everything in the work of the financial service (Dmitry Kozlov)
Development of financial plans - step by step to reality
The practical importance of risk assessments in business planning
Specificity of planning in construction projects
Accounting for a discrete and cyclical model in business planning
The calculation procedure for the implementation of "break-even analysis"
Methods and algorithms of calculation of loan products
Loan calculator - annuity formulas for simple and complex percent and differential payments (here you can calculate the loan)
Short-term forecasts and adjustments for price fluctuations using moving averages
The practice of applying moving average models
The algorithm for calculating the reserves and the weighted average price
Algorithm for calculating property tax
Algorithm for calculating deferred taxes
Methods of depreciation in accounting and tax accounting
Analysis of deviations as a tool for monitoring and decision-making
Factor analysis
The Dupont factor model
The practice of some decisions in budget analysis
Financial planning - a modified approach
Planning and Investment Management
Budget planning and strategy
Total Cash Management - cash flow management technology
Management Accounting


The concept of performance management and strategically-oriented budget models
Complex indicators in the assessment of key cost factors
The concept of CRM is designed to fix your contacts (here you can download CRM)
Effective Change, or Managing Achievements
How to implement the "cost management concept" in your company
Strategic Balanced Scorecard (Balanced Scorecard)
Development of the KPI system
Russia has a choice


References to articles and materials on IFRS:

How to implement IFRS in Russia
Goodwill and IFRS
International Financial Reporting Standards
IFRS and US GAAP: fundamental differences
IFRS (IAS) 16 Property, Plant and Equipment
IFRS (IAS) 7 "Cash flow statement"
Problems and trends in the implementation of international audit standards in Russia
Preparation of a cash flow statement in accordance with IFRS
Comparison of IFRS with Russian standards
Audit of financial statements for IFRS
IFRS (IAS) 11 "Contract agreements"
Drawing up a statement of cash flows in a credit institution on the first application of IFRS
Accounting for changes in accounting policies and errors under IFRS
Recognition and valuation of financial instruments
We learn IFRS in Russia and in Russian
Interviews with the experts of the National Accounting Standards and Accounting Standards Foundation (IFRS)
Inventory accounting for IFRS
IFRS: New Standard and Old Problems
Accounting systems can be done closer
The real profit (loss) for the year - you must know the truth
Do you speak IFRS?
IAS is not for us?
Joseph Bakaleynik: The sense of duplication of accounting statements is not clear
IFRS will simplify for Russia
To study IFRS and comply with ethical standards
Founder of IFRS
Valuable certificate