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Licenses that establish the terms of use of the program

Types and cost of licenses

Installation and protection of the Program are provided by three commercial licenses and one shareware license (for partners), depending on the user category. Commercial Internet licenses "Start" and "Standard" allow you to download and register the Program via the Internet, and immediately start working. License "Special" is supplied on optical media.

Name Description Cost
"Start", license SL, Internet license (The program is downloaded and registered via the Internet) - for small businesses, work and training. The license has export-import restrictions (including Word, MS Project). 3 900 rubles
"Standard", license IL, Internet license (The program is downloaded and registered via the Internet) - supports the entire (maximum) set of features. 7 900 rubles
"Partner", license PL, Internet license (the Program is downloaded and registered via the Internet) - supports the entire (maximum) set of possibilities. For partners with whom a partnership agreement is signed. The license is limited to 180 days. Shareware
License recovery The term of commercial licenses is limited to 1 year, during which the user is entitled to an additional one-time installation of the program. 3 900 rubles
License renewal After that, the term of the "prolonged" license is also limited to 1 year. 3 900 rubles
"Additional" license For all users the cost of the second and subsequent (additional) License - with a 20% discount 80% of the cost of the License
Transition to a new license Switching from the "Start" license to the "Standard" license Supplement to the cost
"Special", license EL, exclusive license (supplied on optical media) - supports the entire (maximum) set of features. Contract price

Pay for the selected product by credit card Pay for the selected product with a credit card through the payment system or issue an invoice.

Regardless of the type of license, the installation of the Program is single-user, with "binding" to the computer, and is transferred to the user on the conditions: "one license - one computer" (see License Agreement).

The term of installation and registration of the Program is limited and is not less than 15 days from the moment of downloading or transferring on optical media. If during this period the user has not installed the Program, you need to download (get) the new distribution of the Program again. If the user installed the program, but did not register in the specified time, the program will be blocked. In this case, the user will have to download the installation file again, or download the update file of the program, and again register the program in the specified time.

Special requirements

The program works in any Windows environment, but the program requires a preset on the MS Excel user's computer (any version from 2003 and higher) with macros support, as well as the corresponding version of MS Word for preparing reports and business plans.

See also the text of the License Agreement, or download it in PDF or DOC format.


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