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Budget-Plan Express – a software product for financial planning, analysis and preparation of business plans

Budget-Plan Express – is an easy-to-use software product for preparing business plans, presentations, financial and investment analysis. Developer – «Strategic-Line», LLC.

Make business plans yourself! See the video presentation or a promotional video, as well as see the video course on financial planning, the video course will help you in several hours to master the tools of the program and begin practical planning.

Budget-Plan Express is a software product for financial planning, for the development and preparation of business plans and presentations, financial and investment analysis. The process of creating business plans in Word is automated and prepares reports in Russian and English. Built-in Gantt chart allows you to quickly plan, for example, the stages of construction. The basis for calculating investment performance indicators (PB, DPB, NPV, PI, IRR, MIRR and others) is net cash flow (Net Cash Flow, NCF). The program has powerful tools for analysis, forecasting of price trends uses moving average models (SMA, WMA and EMA), in the investment and coefficient analysis, universal user settings are available

☛ From October 1, 2018, the company launched a non-commercial Internet project involving educational institutions. The essence of the project is the transfer for non-commercial use of the Partner’s Internet license to students, graduate students, MBI students, etc.

Download the demo version of the program for business planning and analysis Budget-Plan Express. As part of the demonstration version, two illustrative examples - a construction project and a project for the production of cheeses and cheese products.

☛ Before planning, it is recommended to watch the overview video (# 1 Budget-Plan Express - the first video lesson) about the program on the website in the "Video tutorials on practical planning" section or on YouTube.

☛ Practical course of video lessons (12 lessons on business planning practice) will help you to master the tools of the program for several hours and begin practical planning.

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Types and cost of licenses
Internet-help on using the program Budget-Plan Express
How to start developing a business plan

Budget-Plan Express - an active addition to your MS office

With Budget-Plan Express, you can use the full power of Office applications - prepare presentations, modify and analyze data, create graphs of any complexity and independently assemble business plans. Please note, for the program to work, Excel must be installed on your computer (2007 and higher).

In the standard configuration, the program interfaces are delivered in Russian and English languages - during installation, the user selects the interface language (Russian or English).

Three commercial licenses provide installation and protection of the program, one license is shareware (for partners). Internet licenses "Start" and "Standard" allow you to download and register the program via the Internet, and immediately start working. See license information: «Types and cost of licenses».

The program supports the maximum level of exchange with office applications (Word, Excel, Project, PowerPoint). Due to its specificity, the user can use the power of the office – prepare presentations, using fragments of calculations, modify and independently analyze data, create schedules of any complexity independently and compose business plans.

A business plan is not a complex of simple calculations in the format of a technical task, first of all, it is a positive planning practice in a rapidly changing market. The program should be able to create discounted cash flows models for calculating integral indicators (PB, DPB, NPV, PI, IRR and others), calculate WACC, obtain other basic data, for example, to calculate complex indicators.

Methods for adjusting price fluctuations are used in conditions of a high degree of correlation of external factors and pricing, they allow you to plan general risks associated with the markets, take into account price fluctuations, other external factors that may have a significant impact on the implementation of your project.

In «Budget-Plan Express» it is possible to easily model credit (leasing) products of any complexity, to select optimal financing schemes, for example, when eliminating a cash deficit or "cash gaps".

The process of creating business plans in Word as automated as possible – in the same currency and language (Russian, English, or custom) that the user has selected. The translation of the texts of the tables is carried out by a special procedure: "Translit".

Built-in Gantt chart allows you to quickly plan, for example, the stages of construction, "translate" data from the Gantt chart format into the format of financial tables, which take into account the capitalization of costs. Also, the Gantt chart can be imported from MS Project or, conversely, exported to MS Project.

Budget-Plan Express is a large-scale COM add-in with its own ribbon interface, uses Excel as a container for the ActiveX object library, and comes in the form of a 32-bit binary code, but works correctly on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

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The software product can be paid by bank card Pay by credit card through the payment system or issue an invoice.

Before starting the planning, it is recommended to read the basic materials and examples contained in the online Help (user's guide). Read also the "Announcements of the possibilities of the Budget-Plan Express software", see the video lessons on practical planning with examples of business plans and other materials posted on this site, this will allow you to quickly master the tools and interfaces and start using the full range of software features.

Register with one click, using your social network or popular services Yandex, Google and others. In the Personal Office you can create (print) the entire package of documents (accounts, contracts, certificates, etc.), perform online payments, and send messages, here you can download the program installation files and updates. If you do not want to register, you can issue an invoice for payment or make an online payment without registering.

See useful materials with examples, formulas and techniques.

Formulas for calculating the effectiveness of projects (integrated indicators):

Excretion formula discounted of money (Present Value, PV)
Model weighted average cost of capital – WACC
Methods of calculation of indicators of investment effectiveness in simple examples
Calculate cash flows, determination of initial investment
Present value cash flow, pastureland and prenumerata
Settings – net cash flow (NCF) and other
Calculation of key performance indicators (PB, DPB, NPV, PI, IRR, MIRR and other) and methods to estimate projects
Payback period – PB
Discounted payback period – DPB
Net present value of (discounted) income – NPV
Profitability index – PI
Internal rate of return – IRR
Average rate of profitability – ARR
Modified IRR – MIRR (Modified Internal Rate of Return)
Economic Value Added (EVA) and other
Recommended materials and publications on the practice of business planning

Practical planning:

Sales plan. Practical planning. Models moving averages (SMA, WMA и EMA)
Plan cash receipts. Modeling of cash flows
Procurement plan and regulatory costs.
Methods for adjusting price fluctuations and smoothing short-term fluctuations
Gantt Chart. Planning costs for the implementation of production stages
Plan payments to creditors. Modeling of cash flows
Financial reports. Методика расчета анализа безубыточности (Break-Even Analysis)
Profit and Loss statement (P&L). Cash flow statement (Cash flow). Balance sheet
Loan products, financial and operating lease. Methods and algorithms of calculation
Reserves for future expenses. Placed equity instruments

Financial (Coefficient) analysis:

Coefficient analysis. Liquidity indicators and other
Liquidity indicators, Liquidity Ratios (Cash ratio, QR, CR, NWC)
Debt Management Indicators, Debt ratios (TD/EQ, TIE, EBITDA)
Profitability indicators, Profitability ratios (ROS, ROE, ROA, ROIC)
Efficiency indicators, Asset management ratios (IT, RT, PT, AT)
Indicators of market activity, Market value ratios (EPS, ODS, P/E)


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