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Plan fixed costs

Create table «Plan fixed costs»
Practical planning

Plan fixed costs. Create table «Plan fixed costs»

Some operational plans may not be initially standardized, as their content depends on the activities of the company. Such plans include "Plan fixed costs", which is created in the program based on user directory.

Directories Tables
Directory product Sales plan
Directory materials and standard costs Procurement plan and regulatory costs
Directory of Resources and Production Steps Cost plan for the implementation of production stages
Directory of fixed costs Plan fixed costs

Create table «Plan fixed costs»

Once the "fixed costs" directory has been finally edited, select the menu item: "Data → Create table → Plan fixed costs" and follow the instructions...

If you have had errors when creating the directory, the program displays a message, and in some cases will go to the line that contains the error (directory line):
  • Error in directory! The attribute [total] must be in a single instance
  • Error in directory! You can not set the [sum] property for adjacent attributes
  • Error in directory! Select a property for the attribute from the list
  • Error in directory! The first attribute must have the [element] property
  • Error in directory! The last attribute must have the [total] property
If there are no errors, the program will offer a choice:
    1. Yes - to save the old data table;
    2. 'No' if old table should be deleted;
    3. 'Cancel'.
Select 'No' if the table is created for the first time or anew. The result of the procedure, you will create a table "Plan fixed costs".
Read more about how to create the directory, see "Directory of fixed Cost".

    Example. Import a directory from a file with a named range and create a table "Plan fixed costs".

    Let the plan "fixed costs" represented in
    the file the named range, as shown in the screenshot:

    Create a plan of fixed costs. Budget-Plan Express for Windows

  1. step. Import data from a file with a named range.

  2. step . For the final attributes, select (from the list) the corresponding properties : "sum" and "total", as shown in the figure.
  3. step . For each attribute, select (from the list) the corresponding types: "Commercial," "Administrative," "Labor," or "Other."
  4. step . In each case, we'll edit the rate of VAT (if any).
  5. Dictionary "fixed costs" after import and editing:

    Development business plans, the program Budget Plan Express for Windows

  6. step . Create a table "Plan fixed costs": " Data → Create table Plan fixed costs".
  7. step . Save the last changes: " Project file → Save." Same - Ctrl + S.

  8. Plan fixed costs

    Now that the "Plan fixed costs" table is created, you can go directly to the planning.

To edit the table "Plan fixed costs"

If you want to change the names of the costs, without changing the table structure in this case:

    1. Change the names in the directory "constant costs".
    2. Select menu: "Data → Edit table → Plan fixed costs". Then follow the prompts.
☛ Note that the procedure "Edit table" changes the name of the table's rows, but not its structure. If you have changed the structure, the program will give the error message:

Directory structures and tables are not identical! To change the table, use the 'Create table' procedure.

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