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Main menu

The ribbon interface (Ribbon)
Gantt chart

Main menu. The ribbon interface (Ribbon)

Budget-Plan Express toolbar

Main menu - depending on the version of MS Office

In the installation process, the installer prompts you to select the version of MS Office installed on your computer: 2003 or 2007-2016. Depending on this will set the Excel file version: 2003 (with the extension "xls") or 2007-2016 (with extension "xlsm"). A standard interface language (Russian) or additional language – English is selected during installation.

On the program version of MS Office is not affected, but the interfaces menu will be different: standard (drop-down) menu in Office 2003 and the ribbon in Office 2007-2016 and above.

The ribbon interface for MS Office (2007-2016):

The ribbon interface for MS Office program Budget-Plan Express

Standard (drop-down) menu for MS Office 2003:

a common interface for MS Office 2003 program Budget-Plan Express

Executable program module is universal and works with all versions of MS Office (2003, 2007-2016). When migrating from standard 2003 to standard 2007-2016, new installation and registration is not required, but you need to install "starter" Excel file (with extension "xlsm"), which can be downloaded from the website or to convert your old project files if they are needed.

The transition inside the "standard" extension "xlsm" (2007, 2010, 2013) do not require any additional action.

Features ribbon interface

The standard interface is a conventional multi-level drop-down menu. If you are using Excel 2003 (Office 2003) use the standard menu, starting with Excel 2007 (Office 2007-2016) is used ribbon. With the ribbon interface (Ribbon) instead of the headers in the standard menu uses the tabs and functions are distributed to the tabs in the toolbar ("ribbon").

If you are using MS Office 2007-2016, the program will only work with versions that support the work of macros, in particular, Excel files with the extension "xlsm".

Budget-Plan Express there is no standard Excel menu, and the time it is replaced by its own "ribbon" menu. It is also not accessible settings, and other tabs that are part of the Excel menu, in addition to General tab "File". Means of modifications of the menu are still available "the display of the ribbon" (where you can "hide", "show tabs" and "show tabs and commands") and "customize quick access toolbar":

The ribbon interface for MS Office program Budget-Plan Express

In the "settings quick access" it is possible to place navigation arrows "above the ribbon" or "ribbon":

the Program will only work with versions enabled macros

☛ Please note, some earlier versions of Excel (e.g. 2007) the quick access toolbar may not display the navigation icons, in this case, to navigate the table, use the hotkey or menu item of "Content of tables".

The contents of the main items in the main menu

  1. Project file
  2. Data
  3. Gantt chart
  4. Setup
  5. Reports
  6. Help

Group Function Content Hotkeys
1. Tab/header File of the project (Project File)
Проект (Project) Наименование (Name) The display name of the current project (name of organization) -
Сохранение (Save) Сохранить (Save) Calling the form and options:
1. Save (save current project)
2. To save a backup copy (creates a copy in the directory /backup)
- Создать новый проект (To create a new project) To create a new project (a clone of the current file). In the dialog box, you specify the name of the new file -
Печать (Print) Просмотр и печать (View and Print) Standard dialogs for viewing and printing Ctrl+P
Выход (Exit) Выход без сохранения (Exit) All changes will be lost. Use this exit if you need to go back to the old data -
- Выход с сохранением (Save and Exit) Before exiting the program will execute the save procedure Alt+F4
2. Вкладка/заголовок Data
Буфер обмена (Clipboard) Копировать (Copy) Copy a string or a number Ctrl+C
- Вставить (Paste) To insert a string, number, or a named range (see section "Preparation for planning. Import data", F1) Ctrl+V
Установка периодов (Set Periods) Новый учетный период (New Period) Set the beginning of a new accounting planning period (year) -
- Новый цикл планирования (New Cycle) Transfer part of these operational plans of previous years to the next year. Transfer data of previous years operational plans for next year -
Установка таблиц (Set Tables) Create table (Create Table):
1. Sales plan
2. Procurement Plan
3. Production Cost Plan
4. Plan fixed costs
Create a table based on the data specified in directory -
- Редактировать таблицу (Edit Table):
1. Sales plan
2. Procurement Plan
3. The plan of production costs
4. Plan fixed costs
Edit the table according to the data specified in directory -
- Import data (Import Data) Select a file to import data from named ranges -
Удаление (Deleting) Clear table (Clear the table) Zero the data of the current table -
- Удалить таблицу (Delet the table) Reset table data and delete table settings -
Расчет (Calculation) Рассчитать (Calculate) Calling the form of calculating plans F9
3. Вкладка/заголовок Gantt chart
Задачи (Tasks) Добавить задачу (Add task) Place the cursor at the end of the "Production plan" column or select the range (including the last task) F2
- Удалить задачу (Delete task) Removes only the last task or the selected range (which includes the last task) Del
Этапы (Stages) На уровень ниже (Down one level) Select the stage in the Production plan column or range. In the allocated range, all stages must be at the same level -
- На уровень выше (Up one level) Select the stage in the Production plan column or range. If the stage is in a group, select the entire group -
- Установить начальный уровень (Set the initial level) Initial level for all phases of the plan -
- Период проекта (Project period):
1. 1st year of the project
2. 2nd year of the project
3. 3rd year of the project
4. The entire project
To show the period of the project -
Удаление (Deleting) Удалить стоимость ресурсов (Delete the cost of resources) Delete all resources in all tasks -
- Удалить все задачи (Delete all tasks) Do this if you want to create a new plan -
MS Project Экспорт в MS Project (Export to MS Project) Calling the form for export settings -
- Импорт из MS Project (Import from MS Project) Calling the form to configure import options -
4. Вкладка/заголовок Setup
Транслит (Translit) Конвертация текста таблиц (Convert text tables):
1. Russian
2. English
3. Custom
4. A list of plans
Special function to convert text of the current plan (or plans selected from list) to one of three languages (including "custom") -
Отображение (View) Представление периодов (Reflection period):
1. Years
2. Quarterly
3. Months
The view of the timeline -
- Масштаб (Zoom):
1. Increase
2. Decrease
3. 100%
- -
- Выделение координат (Select location) The effect of "highlighting" of coordinates for the convenience of viewing tables Ctrl+A
Главные Settings (Main Setup) Таблицы корректировок и баланса (Table adjustments and balance) Calling the form of adjustment tables and the initial balance sheet -
- Главные настройки (General Setup) Calling the form "Setup" -
5. Вкладка/заголовок Reports
Создать отчеты (Create reports) Создать отчет в Word (Create a report in Word) Calling the form of preparing a report in MS Word, creating a report in MS Word with conversion to the specified currency -
- Экспорт в Excel (Export to Excel):
1. Export current sheet
2. Detailed reports
3. A list of plans
Export the current worksheet (or selected plans from the list) in Excel -
Graphics (Charts) Линия (Line) Construct a graph of "Line". For a call graph, select a range of values (at least one column) -
- Гистограмма (Histogram) Construct a graph of "Histogram". For a call graph, select a range of values (at least one column or row) -
- Круг (Pie) Construct a graph of "Pie". For a call graph, select a range of values (at least one line) -
6. Вкладка/заголовок Help
Информация (Information) Help: Budget-Plan Express Context-sensitive help (i.e. the help context-sensitive content) can only be opened when pressing F1. The first help page is called from the menu F1
- Интернет-справка (Web Help) Called help page in Internet -
License (License) About the program (About): Budget-Plan Express Information about the registration status or license number is reflected, and there may also be updates -
7. Дополнительная вкладка/заголовок График (Chart)
Graphics (Chart) Сохранить график (Chart save) - -
- Settings графика (Chart to set):
1. Line
2. Histogram
3. Pie
- -
8. Quick Access Toolbar. Navigation on arrows and on the list
Нет Arrow "start" ("Start") Go to first page Alt+Up (up arrow)
- Arrow "Back" ("Back") Go to previous page Alt+Left (arrow left)
- Arrow of "Forward" ("Forward") Go to next page Alt+Right (right arrow)
- Arrow "In the end" ("End") Go to last page Alt+Down (down arrow)
- Список наименования страниц (List of names of Pages) Select a page (plan) from the list to go to it Alt+(tooltip)
- Стрелка «Возврат» («Return») In view mode the charts. Return to the page where the selected data range for a chart Alt+Left (arrow left)

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