The beginning of the implementation of a non-commercial Internet project for educational institutions

Strategic-Line company launched a non-commercial Internet project with the involvement of educational institutions. Project name: "Internet project" Practice of business planning for educational institutions "." In this project, the parties act as equal partners. The essence of the project is the transfer for non-commercial use of a business planning software product (the Partner’s Internet license) directly to students, graduate students, MBI students, etc.

In turn, the company is interested in promoting its own software development. The company has prepared all the technical capabilities for the project.

The Internet project was originally conceived as a tool for practical interaction with students and graduate students, and is designed to assist in mastering the skills of practical business planning, preparing business plans, presentations, financial and investment analysis, and other competencies in the field of financial management.

Read more in the section of the Internet project "The practice of business planning for educational institutions".

Information for potential partners of near (far-abroad) countries

For regional partners, within the framework of cooperation, the translation of the Program interfaces into any language in the shortest possible time can be carried out. The program is specially adapted for the rapid transfer of interfaces to other languages, for example, the EurAsEC (CIS) countries - Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Azerbaijani, Iranian, etc. It is important that these languages ​​are supported by Windows fonts.

In the standard configuration, the program interfaces are delivered in Russian and English languages ​​- when the program is installed, the user selects the interface language (Russian or English).

Potential partners can be physical or legal persons, mainly specializing in financial management, planning, consulting, auditing, as well as companies specializing in software sales, developers and specialists in the implementation of management systems, educational institutions who are interested in this software product.