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The beginning of the implementation of a non-commercial Internet project for educational institutions

From October 1, 2018, the Strategic-Line company launched a non-commercial Internet project with the involvement of educational institutions. Project name: "Internet project" Practice of business planning for educational institutions "." In this project, the parties act as equal partners. The essence of the project is the transfer for non-commercial use of a business planning software product (the Partner’s Internet license) directly to students, graduate students, MBI students, etc.

In turn, the company is interested in promoting its own software development. The company has prepared all the technical capabilities for the project.

The Internet project was originally conceived as a tool for practical interaction with students and graduate students, and is designed to assist in mastering the skills of practical business planning, preparing business plans, presentations, financial and investment analysis, and other competencies in the field of financial management.

Read more in the section of the Internet project "The practice of business planning for educational institutions".

Information for partners. Terms of cooperation

Information for potential partners of near (far-abroad) countries

For regional partners, within the framework of cooperation, the translation of the Program interfaces into any language in the shortest possible time can be carried out. The program is specially adapted for the rapid transfer of interfaces to other languages, for example, the EurAsEC (CIS) countries - Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Azerbaijani, Iranian, etc. It is important that these languages ​​are supported by Windows fonts.

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In the standard configuration, the program interfaces are delivered in Russian and English languages ​​- when the program is installed, the user selects the interface language (Russian or English).

☛ Before planning, it is recommended to watch the overview video (# 1 Budget-Plan Express - the first video lesson) about the program on the website in the "Video tutorials on practical planning" section or on YouTube.

Practical course of video lessons (12 lessons on business planning practice) will help you to master the tools of the program for several hours and begin practical planning.

Also, it is recommended to use the materials and examples contained in the online help (user's guide).

Who is the potential partner?

Potential partners can be physical or legal persons, mainly specializing in financial management, planning, consulting, auditing, as well as companies specializing in software sales, developers and specialists in the implementation of management systems, educational institutions who are interested in this software product.

Partnership agreement

Partners offers three options for cooperation with developers (hereinafter "Author"), depending on the method of sale software for the financial planning and analysis Budget-Plan Express (the "Program"). The reward or discount is determined by assessing the last 6 months and can vary from 20% to 50 %. Partners are invited, respectively, to three standard partnership agreement:

  1. The Partner carries out agency (intermediary) sales of the Program (provides intermediary services for the sale of the Program). The agency agreement does not imply direct sales of the Partner to the User. In this case, the Partner is the initiator of sales, for which the Author transfers to the Partner's account a differential remuneration (read the contract). As a rule, such a variant of the contract may interest specialists in financial management, planning, consulting, auditing, specialized educational institutions, that is - directly in contact with potential users, and in which the Partners implement their own projects.
  2. The Partner carries out direct sales of the Program. The contract assumes direct sales of the Partner to the User. In this case, the Partner purchases the Program from the Author at a discount, depending on the sales volume for the last 6 months (read the contract). Potential partners for this agreement are companies specializing in software sales, software portals and online stores.
  3. The partner carries out regional direct and intermediary sales in the region, being exclusive (unique and exclusive) in this region.
  4. For regional partners, within the framework of cooperation, the interface of the Program will be translated into any language in the shortest possible time.

Download the text of the Partnership agreement:

  1. Partnership agreement (agency sales) in the format DBF or in the format DOC.
  2. Partnership agreement (direct sales) in the format DBF or in the format DOC.
  3. Partnership agreement (regional sales) in the format DBF or in the format DOC.

Downloading and registering Programs, options for software installations (licenses)

To assist in the provision of services for the sales partners are invited to a nonprofit "partner" license Program. For partners of the Agency (brokerage) sales non-commercial license is transmitted after the first sale. The license period is 180 days, with further prolongation.

To protect the Program developed 3 commercial license. Commercial Internet license "Start" ("Start", SL) and Standard (Standard, IL) is the most convenient for most users, as they allow to download, register the program via the Internet and immediately to start to work.

A commercial license is "Special" ("Special", EL) is designed for companies that do not use (disabled) the Internet generally are closed public and private entities with a dual purpose. The program under this license is transferred on optical media. This license is not distributed through Partners, which have signed contracts on direct sales.

Commercial Internet license require the download and registration of the Program via the Internet. The partner may prompt the user to download the Program from the Author's website or download it yourself and install on the client's site (or transfer the installation file to the client). In the latter case, the license of the program initialized in the personal Cabinet of Partner.

The registration is quite simple – it is sufficient to enter the appropriate username and password (when connected to the Internet). During registration of the license does not switch to the website (registration is "quiet" in the Program settings), but the connection to the Internet (at the time of registration) is a prerequisite.

Therefore, if the partner has independently downloaded and installed the Program on the client's site (or transferred the installation file to the client), it means he needs to register it or transfer the client login names and password (to the client registered the license).

Accounting for sales. Source documents

Under the agreement, Partners (potential partners), you must first register in the personal Cabinet, where the accounting, control and registration of licences. To print or save your document in PDF format (invoice, contract, certificate), click (while in the document) the right mouse button or Ctrl+P.

Sign up with one click using your social network or popular services of Yandex, Google and others.

All information about sales and licenses of the Program is displayed in the dashboard. There you can prepare and print their own all the primary documents – invoice (receipt) for payment, agreement to transfer, an act of acceptance and transfer and license agreement (with signature and seal to documents in electronic form). If necessary, the original documents will be sent to the address of the partner mail.

Additional partnerships

With partners can be achieved by other arrangements in the framework of assistance in providing clients with a partner of consulting services. An example of the text of the agreement on consulting and implementation services: DBF or format DOC.


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